Halogenerator HaloCompact-01

Build your own salt room in 5 minutes with the authentic salt therapy device

Halogenerator HaloCompact-01

HaloCompact-01 halogenerator by Halomed

Halogenerator HaloCompact-01 with sensor of dry salt aerosol concentration manufactured by Halomed

Halogenerator HaloCompact-01 with sensor of dry salt aerosol concentration manufactured by Halomed (click to enlarge)

What is HaloCompact-01 halogenerator and what does it do?

1A compact desktop or wall mounted halogenerator (generator of dry salt aerosol) that will work out-of-the-box, is easy to install and to operate.

2Recreates the healthy, restorative, and hygienic environment found in natural salt caves, or at seacoast on a dry, breezy day.

3Produces active dry salt aerosol (DSA) that fully complies with requirements of Controlled Halotherapy and controls its concentration in the salt room in real-time.

4Does not require additional adjustments to the ventilation system, as it can be placed virtually in any available space (up to 30 m³ in volume) to enjoy all benefits of salt therapy.

5Has a firm foundation of efficiency, reliability, quality, and support by our 25-year experience in the field of research and design of halogenerators.

HaloCompact-01 is the optimal halogenerator for small salt rooms and homes

HaloCompact-01 is a perfect halogenerator for salt rooms that do not exceed 30 m³ in volume. It can be used at any location, where finding a dedicated space for the salt room alone is a hard task.

At home, in a spa studio or a wellness center, at a beauty parlor, in a kindergarten or daycare facility, for establishing a provisional salt room during a season in a private resort or in a hotel — HaloCompact-01 will fit in perfectly well.

HaloCompact-01 does not require additional adjustments to the existing ventilation system, therefore, it can be installed virtually in any momentarily available space to enjoy all benefits of modern salt therapy by Halomed.

It should be noted that the compact size of the device and its technical features allow using it for an upgrading of the existing “salt-walls-only” room to a fully functioning and efficient salt room at no building works.

Halomed HaloCompact-01 is the perfect solution for a small salt room

Halomed HaloCompact-01 is the optimal solution for a small salt room

Sensor of dry salt aerosol concentration connected to Halomed HaloCompact-01

Sensor of dry salt aerosol concentration is mounted on the wall

Halomed HaloCompact-01 installed on a shelf with accessories

Halomed HaloCompact-01 installed on a shelf with accessories


How does the halogenerator HaloCompact-01 work?

The generation of dry salt aerosol (DSA)Dry salt aerosol with specific properties is the fundamental acting factor of Controlled Halotherapy starts in the halogenerator’s salt HaloGrinderA unit for crushing pure salt into micro-size particles that breaks the salt grains into micro-size particles. After the grinding, micronized salt moves into the impactorA unit for forced sedimentation of micro-particles of salt larger than 5 micrometers, where the smaller salt particles are separated from the larger ones. During the next stage, salt particles of the correct sizeMore than 80% of DSA particles are 0.5-5 micrometers in size, which makes them breathable are picked up by the airflow from the halogenerator’s fan and led out of the device while leaving the most of the larger ones inside. The aerosol is delivered into the salt room by a fan forming the DSA-environment.

Specially designed optical electronic DSA sensorA device for measuring the concentration of dry salt aerosol in the salt room's ambiance is a fundamental part of Halomed’s aerosol feedback control system. It is placed inside the salt room to measure the level of DSA concentration in the ambient air. The sensor transmits the data to HaloCompact’s controller, which compares momentary aerosol concentration to the value set before the session. When necessary, adjustments are carried out through sending on/off signals to the HaloGrinder and fan thus managing the DSA output.


  • Switch on the HaloCompact-01.
  • Wait 60 seconds for the initiation of firmware and self-checkup of DSA sensor and HaloGrinder.
  • Select and enter the desired settings for your HaloSPA® session: average DSA concentration, duration, or one of the pre-stored programs.

  • Use the supplied measuring cup to load pure salt into the HaloGrinder. HaloCompact-01 consumes 14 ml of pharmaceutic salt per session only.
  • Fasten HaloGrinder on halogenerator. Magnetic locks will not let you do it the wrong way.
  • Now you are all set to begin the HaloSPA® session — press the ‘Start’ button.

  • The fan in the HaloCompact-01 turns on.
  • HaloGrinder starts micronizing the salt.
  • The impactor separates the salt particles based on their size.

  • Micronized salt particles mix with rapid air streams inside the halogenerator.
  • The fan disperses salt particles of mostly inhalable size into the salt room, where they form the dry salt aerosol ambiance.
  • Halomed’s HaloCompact-01 is capable of generation and control of the consistency of the DSA environment in a room as spacious as 30 m³.

  • DSA sensor measures salt aerosol concentration levels and transmits this data to the controller.
  • The device’s controller compares and adjusts current aerosol concentration with the pre-entered values.
  • Press the ‘Enter’ button to watch the momentary level of DSA concentration anytime during the salt therapy session.

  • Salt room replicates the benefits of naturally healing environments, such as natural salt caves or seacoast air.
  • In salt rooms, you relax while breathing in the air saturated with aerosolized dry salt, which provides natural quality-of-life benefits for people of all ages.
  • Halomed technology ensures full compliance with the requirements of the modern salt therapy: DSA composition and properties, particle size, and concentration control.


Key features and advantages of HaloCompact-01


  • DSA concentration control with optic electronic sensor
  • Prevalence of respirable particles in the atmosphere
  • Consistent DSA composition during sessions, as a result of the constant high speed of the halogenerator’s HaloGrinder.
  • Ability to repeat the same session parameters regardless of number of visitors or weather conditions


  • Our halogenerators are backed by a design and manufacturing process committed to producing dependable, durable equipment that produces consistent results and lasts for years.
    • Stainless steel in all exposed metal parts
    • Free of dead zones in air pipes
    • Use of the most durable components


  • HaloCompact is easy to find a place for and to install:
    • Halogenerator could be put on any even surface, or mounted on the wall.
    • Self installation is explained in supplied operating manual and does not require any special skills.


  • HaloCompact has multiple safety features:
    • Operability test of DSA sensor and HaloGrinder prior to and during the session
    • Salt overload control
    • Check of HaloGrinder fixing
    • Wireless HaloGrinder power‐supply system
    • Check of the fan cap fixing
    • Indicators and sounds


  • Easy access to all parts requiring maintenance:
    • Wireless HaloGrinder power supply
    • HaloGrinder is fixed with magnetic locks


  • Simple and user‐friendly interface


  • The device is really compact, so it can be used in any suitable room that is free at the moment.


  • 14 ± 1 ml per session


  • In operating mode:
    • working HaloGrinder: max 25 W
    • idle HaloGrinder: 10 W


  • Weight: 3 kg incl. DSA sensor


  • Device measures: 150 x 400 x 200 mm
  • DSA sensor: 200 x 110 x 90 mm


  • HaloCompact-01 is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the following EEC Directives:
    • Electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with Directive 93/68/ЕЕС and Directive 89/336/EEC
    • Low-voltage installation in accordance with Directive 73/23/EEC and Directive 93/68/ЕЕС.


  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty from a reliable and trusted company Halomed UAB
  • Fast response to any issue and readiness to fix it in the shortest terms
  • Outstanding support for our customers


Click to open complete technical specifications from Halomed

  • Average DSA concentration adjustment range: 1—20 mg/m³ *, or 8 pre-programmed parameters
  • Session duration setting range: 1—99 minutes, or 8 pre-programmed parameters
  • Size of aerosol particles in salt room: 1—5 micrometers for 80% of particles
  • Minimum volume of salt room: about 6 m³
  • Maximum volume of salt room: about 30 m³ **
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC
  • Measurements:
    • — Device: 150 x 400 x 200 mm
    • — DSA sensor: 200 x 110 x 90 mm
  • Weight (device with DSA sensor): 3.0 kg
  • External environment: indoor use
  • Salt loading: manual
  • Salt consumption per session: 14 ml
  • Power consumption in operating mode at
    • — working HaloGrinder: max 25 W
    • — idle HaloGrinder: 10 W
  • Location of installation: desktop or wall mounted halogenerator and DSA sensor
  • Operating mode: iterative short-time cyclic
  • Operating temperature range: 10 °С — 29 °С
  • Relative humidity: up to 80 % at 25 °C
  • Atmospheric pressure: 630—800 mmHg (84—106.7 kPa)
  • Standard packaging set:
    • – Halogenerator HaloCompact-01
    • – DSA sensor with cable (0.65 m)
    • – Wall-mounting kits for HaloCompact and DSA sensor
    • – Power supply unit (100—240 V, 50—60 Hz — 24 V)
    • – Measuring cup for salt
    • – Cleaning kit
    • – Operating and installation manual, certificates
  • Dry salt aerosol generation is the most effective in the following conditions:
    • – In relative air humidity up to 60%
    • – Sodium chloride preparation loading: 14 ± 1 ml
    • – Rate of air circulation in the salt room must conform to the local minimal allowable rate
    • – Routine device and DSA sensor cleaning according to manual
  • The device is designed for use with salt that complies with the following requirements:
    • – Salt should have at least 80% (by volume) of particles with a size up to 0.8 mm
    • – Salt should not contain aggregated particles larger than 1.5 mm in size
    • – Salt in compliance with Ph. Eur. 7.0/8.0European Pharmacopoeia 7th/8th Edition or USP-NFUnited States Pharmacopeia with The National Formulary is preferred
    • – Iodized salt, Dead Sea salt, or salt enriched with magnesium (Mg) should not be used

* 1) The average DSA concentration in the salt room achieves the specified level within 2-10 minutes from the start of the session. 2) The average DSA concentration is measured in conditions that comply with manufacture’s specification. 3) The average DSA concentration may be influenced by the salt room’s volume, the rate of air circulation and other factors, so it may differ from specified values in actual practice.

** The maximum volume of the salt room is the volume of the salt room that enables sessions to have an average DSA concentration within the range of 1 to at least 10 mg/m³.

! This device produces and disperses dry aerosol of sodium chloride (NaCl). Dry salt aerosol can penetrate unprotected electronic, electrical, electromechanical and mechanical devices and systems, and salt residue can accumulate on their external and internal surfaces. The salt accumulates on floors, walls, and ceilings and in the HVAC systems of premises where halogenerators are used. When wet, salt is corrosive to unprotected metals and is electrically conductive.

Since Halomed is committed to continuous performance and design improvement, specifications noted above as well as the appearance of devices may change without prior notice.


What kind of salt should be used for Halotherapy?

Halogenerators manufactured by Halomed are designed to use fine-grained pure sodium chloride (NaCl) of pharmaceutical grade. This has vital reasons explained by our company’sInstitute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapy Kft., Budapest (Hungary) Director of scientific and medical projects Prof. Alina V. Chervinskaya, M.D., Ph.D.:

Prof. Alina V. Chervinskaya, M.D., Ph.D., Director of scientific and medical projects at Institute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapy Kft.“In 1990, the pioneering halogenerator was created with my participation by Aeromed Ltd., whose successor in Europe is now Halomed UAB. Halogenerators made by Halomed-Aeromed Group are designed for correct implementation of the Controlled Halotherapy, where dry salt aerosol with accurate properties is being applied as the principal acting factor. In Halotherapy (also referred to as salt therapy, speleotherapy, HaloSPA® etc.), application of only one type of aerosol — namely, dry sodium chloride aerosol — is universally scientifically proven by numerous long-term studies. There aren’t any considerable scientific researches concerning the positive effects caused by inhalation of any other dry salt aerosols except the one of the NaCl. In order to keep salt therapy safe, iodized salt, Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, regular sea salt, and also salts containing potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) or bromine (Br) are not recommended for use.”


Pharmaceutic grade NaCl is recommended for use with Halomed halogeneratorIf it is impossible to obtain pharmaceutic NaCl in your area, 1 kg packages of such salt are offered by us for sale. Minimal order consists of 25 × 1 kg containers packed in a carton box. This quantity is enough for approx 1 year of HaloCompact’s operation and for approx 5 months operation of HaloSmart, HaloSPA, or HaloPrima.

The salt for Halomed halogenerators is produced in Germany/Austria from all-natural rock salt and then is professionally packaged at our request into smaller containers by a leading chemical company in Hungary. This salt is 99.98% chemically pure NaCl, has all the required certificates.


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